3 Denver Colorado Sports Attractions For Sports Fans

Denver Colorado is a popular tourist destination that has something to offer for pretty much any entertainment activity you can think of. It is especially appealing to those who are into professional sports, featuring teams of every major sport. Keep reading below to learn about 3 of the most well known professional sports teams there are in Denver.


Are you a fan of basketball? Denver is home to many college basketball teams, but it’s premier basketball team is found at the professional level. That team is the Denver Nuggets.

The Denver Nuggets are a team in the National Basketball Association(NBA). They play in the Western Division. Their home is located in Denver of course, and they play their games in the Pepsi Center.

Even though they are called the nuggets, their mascot is a mountain lion named Rocky. Founded in 1967, it is one of the older franchises in the league.


For fans who love football(the American kind, not the one with the silly white ball), Denver fields a professional team called the Denver Broncos. They play in the National Football league, and their games are played in what is known as Mile High Stadium.

While they have struggled somewhat in recent years, they do have a few Superbowl championships under their belt thanks to their former quarterback, John Elway, who is now the general manager of the team. Since their recent signing of former Vikings QB Kase Keenum, their odds of winning another Superbowl have increased significantly.


A city where winter activities play such an important role wouldn’t be complete without a hockey team. Denver has that covered. Originally they were home to the Colorado Rockies. That team moved to New Jersey in 1982, and Denver went without a NHL hockey team until 1994 when the Quebec Nordiques relocated there and changed their name to the Colorado Avalanche. The move was a positive one right out of the gate as the Avalanche went on to win the Stanley Cup in its very first year in Denver.

As you’ve learned from reading the information above, Denver Colorado has a lot to offer for sports lovers of all types, but especially those who are into basketball, football and hockey. If this describes you and you’re searching for a place to visit temporarily or maybe a new place to call home,your thirst for professional sports can be quenched quite well in this beautiful part of the western United States.